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Breakout Sessions

Directions: Descriptions of elective sessions are shown here. Following the descriptions, you will be asked to rank the electives in order of preference. You will be assigned to three elective sessions. If you choose "Jumpstart Reads", it will count as two of your elective sessions.

"A Healthy Balance" How to deal with all the demands of university life and still keep your life balanced spiritually, physically, mentally and emotionally.
"Dealing with Academic Intimidation" Tips for Academic Success from a Professor.
"Getting from Here to Your Career" Choose a major that fits your interests and will help you reach your life goals.
"Getting Connected" How to take advantage of the "extra value" of a Christian university and get involved spiritually and socially.
"Managing Your Cash" Getting the most from your limited dollars.
"Relationships and Dating" Ideas for creative dates at WWU and guidelines for building lasting relationships.
"JumpStart Reads"

Join a group discussion of selected texts which will be made available to you over the summer. Open to all students.

The JumpStart Reads group will meet for a double session on Friday. It will count for two elective breakout sessions. If you attend both sessions, you will only be required to attend one other elective breakout session.

Rank Elective Sessions

Rank these breakout sessions according to your interest by dragging them from left to right with your mouse. (Most interesting on top.) The selections can be re-sorted at any time by dragging and dropping within the column.

  • Jumpstart Reads
  • Getting Connected
  • Dealing With Academic Intimidation
  • From Here To Your Career
  • Managing Your Cash
  • Relationships and Dating
  • A Healthy Balance

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